Office Manager

The Opportunity

As the Office Manager, you’re at the heart of AllofE’s business operations and the soul that keeps us moving forward. You anticipate the needs of your managers and team members and help them stay focused on their projects by resolving operational and administrative issues before they arise.

The Ideal Candidate

– Is extremely organized
– Proactively tackles any problems that come their way
– Knows how to throw a great party


– Acquire an in-depth understanding of our systems & software
– Maintain and improve the office environment
– Manage scheduling tasks (organizing calendars, scheduling office maintenance, etc.)
– Organize group events (Table Tennis tournaments, picnics, Holiday Parties, etc.)
– Test systems for quality and usability
– Manage & track accounts payable and accounts receivable


  • Bachelor’s Degree in any major
  • Proficient in client communication as well as internal communication
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Extremely quick to learn
  • Able to work in a team-based environment
  • Must be a permanent US resident or citizen


  • Proficiency with video, photo, and audio software (Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, iMovie, etc.)
  • Further education or experience in management
  • Strong knowledge of web applications

Day In The Life

9:00 AM | Arrive at the office, clock in, and check with the receptionist on what voicemails came in.

10:30 AM | A new test plan has been assigned so get started on that.

11:00 AM | Take a phone call from a client and direct them on how to use the ticketing system for support.

11:30 AM | Finish up the test plan and log any changes or fixes that need to be made.

12:30 PM | Head out for lunch.

1:30 PM | The product support team is having a meeting and you listen and take notes. It seems help documentation could be updated.

2:00 PM | Create a help video over our new testing functionality. Send it to the developers to upload.

3:30 PM | Time for a Standup. Head to the infamous UnderHall in order to meet with this weeks small group to share what we’ve each been working on.

4:15PM | One of the marketing team members mentioned a challenge with a video they were creating – like the expert you are, sit down with them and help them out.

5:00PM | With the holiday party coming up, spend some time hanging up our holiday decorations and lights. Get festive!

6:00 PM | Clock out, say goodbyes, and head home for the night. The night is yours.






*Please indicate highest level of education

**List any higher education (School Name(s), Degree(s), Start/End Date(s))

Provide any relevant skills or other experience you may have, along with competency level for each item.

Include any other pertinent information here(especially regarding scheduling, if full-time is impossible!)