Enterprise Software Sales

The Opportunity

The Enterprise Software Sales position is part of the eMedley division focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to Health Science programs at universities across the country.  The position will serve as the primary account manager for eMedley implementations with Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work.


-Manage marketing campaigns using AllofE’s proprietary CRM system.
-Identify, qualify and track leads through the sales pipeline.
-Perform clear and effective demonstrations of the eMedley platform.
-Communicate and negotiate with clients to define clear project statements.
-Document interactions with clients, including questions, agreed on resolutions, and next steps.
-Work with developers to determine best solutions and pricing for custom feature requests.
-Build and deliver training courses based on identified market needs & trends.


  • Degree or pursuing a degree in Information Systems, Business, Journalism, Communications, or related field
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Superb verbal and written communication skills (email, phone, video conference, in-person)
  • Interest in how the software works and desire to solve client problems using software systems
  • Must be a US Permanent Resident or Citizen


  • Strong public speaking background 
  • Enterprise Software Sales Experience
  • Strong knowledge of web technologies
  • Strong knowledge of web applications

Day In The Life

9:00 AM | Arrive at the office, clock in, and check your taskboard

9:30 AM | A sales campaign started today, so it’s time to make phone calls to potential clients.

11:30 AM | Calls? Check. Time for emails.

12:30 PM | Head out for lunch.

1:30 PM | You have a demo with a qualified candidate at 2 o’clock, Set up the demo system.

2:00 PM | Flaunt your sales prowess, showing the system in a way that’s impossible to refuse.

3:15 PM | There’s voicemails and emails in response to your sales calls/emails. Start categorizing the qualified candidates from the unqualified.

3:30 PM | Time for your Standup. Head to the infamous UnderHall to meet with this weeks small group on what you’ve been working on, and hearing what they’ve been working on.

4:30 PM | Another member of your team is having trouble with an email. Work with them on how to navigate the situation.

5:45 PM | Check-in with your manager to go over the work you’ve done.

6:00 PM | Clock out, say goodbyes, and head home for the night. The night is yours.






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