We like to think the work we do is rewarding enough, but just in case…


AllofE Solutions offers medical and prescription drug benefits for certain full-time exempt job positions.   Insurance is provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas.

Both in-network and non-network care are available. The Dental plan includes preventive, basic, major restorative, and orthodontic dental care.


401(k) Profits
The AllofE Solutions 401(k) Plan is available to AllofE employees (at least age 21) after one year of service (1,000 hours in 12 consecutive months). The plan has three components:

  1. Salary Reduction Contributions – The employee may contribute a percentage of their total compensation through semi-monthly deductions.
  2. AllofE Contributions – AllofE Solutions contributes 3% of the employee’s salary annually.

Annual Bonus
The company may provide annual bonuses based on individual employee performance as well as overall company performance.

Paid Leave

Vacation leave may be used for vacations and other absences as long as the leave is taken at times mutually acceptable to you and your supervisor. Eligible employees accrue vacation leave on a semi-monthly basis from the first day of employment. The earned days of vacation leave are accrued on the basis of years of continuous employment.

Sick Days
Eligible employees accrue sick leave on a semi-monthly basis.

Eligible employees receive the following paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Memorial Day, and Christmas Day.


Group Activities
When we say the community is important, we don’t only mean during work hours. From birthday lunches to holiday parties to kick-ball tournaments to Fantasy Football to weekly trivia to board game night to campouts, we make sure our fun is as prevalent as our work.

The AllofE facility is equipped with an in-house racquetball court, a badminton court, an indoor volleyball court, and a weight room containing all free-weights, machines, and cardio equipment that you would need to get your New Year’s Resolution to work out back on track.

Game Room
Whether you’re into table tennis, pool, foosball, darts, mini-basketball, or putt-putt golf, the various in-house game rooms provide a source of relaxation or an opportunity to challenge your co-workers after a hard day’s work.


Working at AllofE, you’ll need brain fuel. Stop by the front desk where you will find a wide selection of complimentary snacks from popcorn and fruit to Doritos and Oreos to get you through the day.

We know that personal space is very important, and so it goes without saying that you’ll receive your own computer, comfy chair, notebook, and desk to personalize to your heart’s content.

Looking for a new water bottle or coffee cup? Maybe a legal pad? Perhaps a sweater or even a laptop bag? Maybe just a bumper sticker. We have the AllofE swag to help you show off how cool you and your work are to all your friends.